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Together in New Year 2019

Antioch Global Communities

Beloved leaders and ministers of AGC everywhere,

I would like to share with you our New Year 2019 Celebration message. First of all  Happy New Year. I pray for the fullness of grace, blessing and anointing over your lives and ministries.

  • The presence of the Lion will be declared in the coming seasons, it’s the season of face to face with Him…

Face to Face with Him, the Lion and His presence lead to a new level of intimacy in the relationship with Him, in honoring Him and in a new fear of God.

Face to Face with Him, with the world and it’s confrontations lead to victory and triumph; no fear.

  • There is seriousness in quality of the presence and the coming confrontations that must arise in God’s people.

“The axe is laid to the root of the tree.” (Matthew 3:10)

We must observe what we worship – kneel to – in these season. You are slaves of the one you obey.

Worshipping the King puts the anointing robe and the power of commission over our lives and releases us.

Our worship -our bowing down – causes confusion, disturbance and defeat to the enemy in our times. 

  • Features of the coming seven years…
  1. Seasons of harvests of many souls.
  2. Seasons of big confrontations with the kingdom of darkness.
  3. Seasons of confrontations between nations of the world.
  4. Seasons of kings and priests standing for the rulers of nations in the heavenlies.
  5. Seasons of the rising up of the mountain of the Lord – “the Kingdom of the Lord on the Earth”. (Isaiah 2)
  • The Concept of time will change in the coming seasons.

There will be a growing battle over the concept of time. The enemy attacks the times by robbing and aborting.

Therefore, the kingdom opens to us the power of redeeming times and seasons in our lives in a practical way.

Some will feel they are losing time, others will feel that bad times are not passing.

“He shall think to change the times and the law.”

The enemy knows that time is power in the Kingdom.  Those who are wise will discern the times and redeem it.

The time of rest in the Spirit – the quite time or the Sabbath law in the Old Testament – is one of the important armors in the coming season.

Praying in the Spirit for longer times is a key for the coming time and season. “This is my resting place and here I will dwell.”

  • Zeal for the Lord of Hosts and the fear of God are the armors in the coming season.

Fear of God and zeal are some of the keys for victory in the coming confrontations.

Phinehas is a key person, he represents this key for us in the Word of God.

In Numbers 25: 7, Phinehas got jealous for the Lord. In Judges 20: 28 he was the key for victory.

In Matthew 7: 13, the Lord talks about the narrow gate.

He is the gate; in order to pass through this gate, you need to leave behind all the burdens, baggage and sins of the previous phase.

You cannot pass into the coming seasons while you are carrying the baggage of an old season.

In Isaiah 35, he talks about the season of the ‘Way of Holiness’ upon which the redeemed shall walk.

  • The season of ‘Jehu’

There are five characters named Jehu in the Bible.  We will see  a spiritual revelation about three of them:

First Jehu:  2 Chronicles 19: 2 – Jehu, the kings’ seer.

Visions and dreams will increase for the Lord will pour His Spirit on every man. (Joel 2: 28)

Every  drop of the outpouring  of the Spirit of grace on our lives is more than enough to work extraordinary miracles in the lives of normal, unknown people.

Second Jehu: 1 Chronicles 12: 3 – Jehu the Anathothite.

He is from Benjamin tribe and  one of those who came to make David king.

The word Anathoth carries the meaning of pain, pressure and weakness.

But he is one of  David’s heroes who shoot arrows with the right hand or the left.

Even with the left hand – areas of weakness – Jehu shoots and hits the target.

Third Jehu: 2 Kings 9 – Jehu son of Jehoshaphat.

The  Jehu-anointing transfers you from the state of quietness into a place of  authority which will cause the fulfilling of all the delayed promises in your live.

The grace poured over Jehu eliminates every enchantment and divination that hinders the call of the heroes of the Kingdom.

Jehu’s anointing of speed restores the lost opportunities in your call and fulfills the promises which were delayed.

Jehu’s anointing eradicates all the traces that the enemy has left in the different areas of our lives – symbolized by the seventy sons of Ahab.

The Lord will strike your ground with a stick and declare it’s finished. Strike your ground with authority and declare something new.

A new sound is being released in your ‘quite-time’; the sound of the Almighty; the sound of chariots; the sound of many waters; the sound of revival. 

  • A gap will occur between people going at different paces

The pace of those, who are truly running after the Lord, will be quickened, and this will cause an increasing gap with others who are not.

Parable of the Ten Virgins – Matthew 25.

The Lord separates light from darkness and separates Lot from Abram.

Buy extra oil in this season and  drink from the brook along the way in order to  lift up your head.(Psalm 110)

  • No compromise in seeking the glory.

Psalms 85:9 – Glory may dwell in our land. This psalm must be a spiritual strategy for us. Heaven and earth will meet.

Glory is the language of Kings and it’s time for our lands to experience and live the grace of kingship not just to speak about it.

It’s a season of promotion from being Saul to David to Solomon – 2 Chronicles 7: 1.

Saul was the symbol of the King’s anointing, but he was carnal. We have passed through this spiritual phase.

David had the King’s anointing, but he had many battles in spite of his love and worship of the Lord. This also is another spiritual phase.

Solomon had the King’s anointing, but he was man of rest. He established the kingdom in his time ruling in the midst of other kings.

It’s a season of promotion in our lives to  kingship-anointing of Solomon; from rest to glory.

The whole creation is waiting upon the manifestation of the kingship-anointing of the son’s of God. The kingship-anointing on Solomon is for nations.

The priest prays but the king decrees. A different kind of prayer comes out of the king.

  • Attacks on the soul in the coming time.

Due to the importance of the kingship-anointing, the enemy wants to destroy it by attacking souls on an increased level.

The soul, in the divine purpose, is designed to be the seat of glory.

Genesis 2:7 the soul carries the revelation of the Spirit to the body and to Earth.

The attack of the enemy on the soul is to cut off the connection between Heaven and Earth.

The church must stand and protect the souls within the church members  and declare the truth of glory over  their souls.

  • The warfare over the  names of the covenant.

The church must use it’s kingship-revelation to defend the  names of the covenant of God. The names of God in the Old Testament are not just names, but a revelation of His covenant with us.

One of these names are: Creator – Bârâ

This name releases power for creation and resurrection which we will need in the coming seasons.

He is the creator of everything – Heaven and Earth and everything in it; Isaiah 40: 28, Isaiah 42: 5.

Another name is: ‘Standing Lamb’ – Revelation 5: 6.

This name is linked to the seven lamps  of the Lamp-stand which are the manifestation of the Holy Spirit  in the ‘End Times’ -Isaiah 11: 1 – 3.

It’s the Spirit that releases the Son fully in us.

  • Releasing laborers for the harvest in power.

In Matthew 9: 36, the Lord sent out laborers for the harvest.

The word used here is not the same word we use for missionary. It’s ‘ekballō’.

This word used in the Bible is when He speaks about the power to cast out demons.

This is a season where we will have the power to release laborers in to the fields who will be enabled with the power of the Holy Spirit, in a way not seen before.

In this  season we will be  releasing the call and the spiritual gifts in the lives of the heroes of the Kingdom.

  • The destiny of peoples and nations are being determined.

In Matthew 25: 32, The Lord talks about sheep nations and goat nations.

We are on threshold of Joel 3, where He gather all people into the valley of judgment, the valley of Jehoshaphat.

The children of God will stand in the gap for their countries, presidents and peoples, for the Lord doesn’t want to destroy them.

From among our Arab countries will come sheep nations, in which the entire population will follow after the Lord. May your nation be one of these peoples.


God Bless you, 

Dr. Nader Yassa

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