Seeds from Heaven – Day Eighteen

The ministry of the Servant – Your Servant Heart

Isaiah 66:2 TPT

“But there is one my eyes are drawn to: the humble one, the tender one, the trembling one who lives in awe of what I say.”

There are many hidden ones in the Kingdom that the Lord is going to raise up in the coming time. These ones are humble, serving out of the eyes of men. They are pouring themselves out for the ministry of the Lord, giving all that they can. To the extent that any of the Lord’s people are humble and tender inside, that is the extent to which the eyes of the Lord are drawn to that person.

Often many are in the spotlight out of tradition; it was easy for them to get there because they followed a certain path and they fitted certain criteria which is accepted by man. Others are obvious because they use man-made methods to promote themselves. They may have gifts, but those gifts are promoted into the limelight in order to give credit to themselves. When man administrates the Kingdom, sometimes it gets topsy turvy and upside down like that. However, the Spirit of God does not work like that. He works in hidden places, in the hearts of men. He is drawn to the trembling one who is truly in awe of God and sees Him. I believe that the Lord has a vast quantity of these ‘humble servants’ like the 7,000 who did not bow to Baal in the times of Elijah. The Lord is preparing them out of the light, but a time will come where He will orchestrate their moving in power in His Kingdom. They will be like a tsunami of power and love and they will be effective wherever they go.

Dear believer, very probably you are such a one. Don’t despair if you feel hidden. God has His plans for you. He has given you powerful gifts, but these are not what is important. The important thing is your heart. Prepare it in humility and be available to go wherever he sends you.

God bless you,

Sue Yassa

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