Seeds from Heaven – Day Fourteen

The Ministry of the servant – He is Your Great Reward

Isaiah 49:4,6 TPT

“I said, ‘I’ve worked and served for nothing. I have used up all my strength for nothing. Yet my rights I leave in Yahweh’s hands, and my just reward is with my God. Who says, I will make you to be a light to the nations and to bring salvation to the ends of the earth!’”

There is a special category of servants who pour themselves out for the ministry. It is not a requirement for any of us to do so. Everything is by choice, though Jesus stated that those who love Him most will deny themselves and follow Him to the cross. The greatest fruit is brought by the grain of seed which falls to the ground and dies. Jesus was that grain of wheat sown by giving His life on the cross. Through His actions, the world was offered eternal salvation. He poured Himself out and God made Him a ‘light to the nations’ and, through Him, brought ‘salvation to the ends of the earth’.

One of the greatest servants in the New Testament was Paul. He followed the steps of Christ saying that he felt that his life was being poured out as a drink offering (2 Timothy 4: 6). He didn’t consider his own needs; he served others and the Kingdom with the dedication and obligation of a slave. Very often as you serve others, it can seem that you are bringing little fruit. The fruit of the Kingdom cannot be judged by sight. Very often those who preach through their words or those who share with others on a one to one basis, can feel that it brings no result. This is because the fruit of the Kingdom is not necessarily instantaneous.

Seeds sown in hearts can take time to germinate and bring a harvest. It is the same with intercession and prayer. The Holy Spirit may lead you to pray for people, situations and churches far away, where you can see no result. You can be tempted to feel that you have served for nothing and you have tired yourself with nothing to show for it. That is why the Scriptures tell us that we must have faith for every ministry we do. I trust God for the fruit. I leave my rights to payment and reward in His hands. Maybe I will see some of that on earth. The promise to the Christ was that He would be a light to the nations and see salvation brought to the ends of the earth. The servant who follows in His path, shares in that promise.

God bless you,

Susan Yassa

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