Seeds from Heaven – Day Seventeen

The Ministry of the Servant – Preparing for the Increase

Isaiah 54:2-3 TPT

“Increase is coming, so enlarge your tent and add extensions to your dwelling. Hold nothing back! Make the tent pegs longer and the pegs stronger. You will increase and spread out in every direction.”

You have been called to be fruitful. Increase is coming to you in the season to come. How you will adapt to this increase is the crucial point. The thought of being fruitful and successful gives a nice warm feeling inside – a hope and joy. However, making room for the increase is a challenge. You have to enlarge your tent. What does that mean? It is a metaphor and has a practical application. Isaiah in the verse encourages the people to enlarge their dwelling places with all their hearts, holding nothing back. That means that they must do it to the greatest possible extent, without any reservation. For us, I believe that it means that we must make room for others.

If a hundred people wanted to join you in your ministry today, what would you do? Would you make room for them, holding nothing back? If they are new, they may be enthusiastic but may make mistakes. They may even be annoying and immature. Are you willing to take the time to disciple them? Are you willing to train others to do your ministry, even to eventually take your place? Do you currently make room for others or do you feel threatened by them, so you shove them away? God is telling you, ‘Hold nothing back!!!!’ There is more than enough room. Are you afraid that they will take your place and you will become dispensable, thrown away, forgotten? No dear believer, making room, pushes you up – in man’s estimation, in God’s sight and in the Kingdom. I think that there is a misunderstanding of what true leadership is. In the world, the leader is expected to be the pharaoh-type of person, perched at the top of the pyramid, bossing everyone around. Everyone below is envious and wants one day to take his place, so he can have the pleasure of bossing everyone around instead. This is at best, fleshly; at worst, satanic!

True leadership is a type of servant who grows leaders around him/her so the Kingdom can expand sideways. True leadership is helping others to find their place so the expanding needs of the Kingdom can be served. That kind of leader is not oppressive. That kind of leader produces fruit.


God bless you,

Sue Yassa

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