Seeds from Heaven – Day Thirteen

The Ministry of the Servant – He Opens the Way

Isaiah 45:2-3 TPT

“I will march out in front of you and level every obstacle. I will shatter to pieces’ bronze doors and slice through iron bars. I will give you hidden treasures from dark, concealed places and wealth waiting in secret sites so that you recognize me, for it is I, Yahweh.”

The Kingdom of heaven is advancing exponentially, and strong, motivated servants are ploughing forwards with passion and conviction. This move, since the very beginning of the Church age, has been unstoppable. There have been, through the ages, seasons of stagnation and darkness, but the Holy Spirit has always powerfully anointed servants who were able to lead the Church into a new phase. Though it is not visible to the eye as it happens on a spiritual dimension, the Lord marches before the Church and levels every obstacle for us. It may not seem so in reality, as we see so many things hindering, but in the long term, nothing can stand before the Kingdom of God.

Take heart when you feel like nothing is moving and everything seems boxed in. Nothing can stand against God and those He anoints as His servants. His purposes will go forward. What has been decreed in heaven will become reality on earth. There is no bronze door, no iron bar, no closed place to Him – all those things you have been struggling with in ministry and in your life will be broken down before His presence. Every secret, every dark thing will be exposed. Hearts of lost souls that have been hidden like treasure in dark, concealed places will be revealed and saved. All the provision that is necessary for the building of the Kingdom will be revealed and given.

Do not fret at the walls and restrictions you see with your eyes. God is God and nothing is impossible for Him. He opens every door to His purpose and closes the doors which lead away from Him. Do not allow yourself to be confused. He has good plans for you and as you see a way open before you, you will know that He is leading you.

God bless you,

Susan Yassa

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