Seeds from Heaven – Day Twelve

The Ministry of the Servant – The Outpouring of the Spirit 

Isaiah 44:1-4 TPT

“Now listen to me, my servant…I will pour refreshing water on the thirsty and streams on the dry ground. I will pour my spirit on your children, by blessings on your descendants. They will spring up like grass blanketing a meadow, like poplars growing by gushing streams. One will say, ‘I belong to Yahweh.’…Yet another will write on his hand ‘Property of Yahweh.’”

In this coming season, when you stand up and step up for the work of the Kingdom, the Lord will do His part. He promised to pour out His Spirit from on high on all flesh. You all know the famous verses in Joel 2. The purpose of this outpouring is for His kingdom – the saving of multitudes of souls. The promise is to pour out the Spirit and blessings on the children and descendants – these are those saved by your witness and obedience. You know that the strange thing about the Kingdom, is that things don’t work in an obvious way that we expect. We don’t bring souls to Christ. The Lord does that. We are more like catalysts. Some catalysts cause slow reactions, some cause rapid reactions. We may not see the workings going on in the hearts of those around us, but it is happening, nevertheless. If I obey, He will work. There may not be a natural connection in my eyes with what I do and the salvation and renewal of others, but it is there. As I do, He works. As I move, He pours out His Spirit. Unseen to the eyes of men, He works in the hearts. Then suddenly life springs up.

Have you ever seen pictures of meadows full of grass? Grass is small. A meadow must be full of millions of blades. When He moves in the Kingdom for salvation, millions spring up in the fields we are working. When we worship Him in the gatherings and cause the stream of His Spirit and love to pour out, many trees spring up, which are capable of bearing much fruit. God will anoint many fruit bearing servants to go and serve in His Kingdom in this season. I believe that if you are reading this, then you are so called. You would not be reading if you weren’t interested. If your heart is resonating with these words within, don’t dismiss these words. Don’t only apply them to others. The Lord is calling you to be a fruit bearing tree. If you have been drinking from the outpouring of His life, then you are planted as a tree beside the stream. The Lord wants you to do His work and bear fruit and bring in the harvest. Do not deny it, accept it. He formed you to bear fruit. Don’t leave this reading, without saying a prayer in your heart. Ask Him how He wants to use you.

God bless you,

Susan Yassa

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