Seeds from His Heart – Day Fifteen

The Ministry of the Servant -There is No Condemnation in Christ 

Isaiah 50:9 TPT

“It is the Lord Yahweh who empowers me; who would condemn me? My accusers will all fade away like worn-out, moth-eaten clothes.”

Precious believer, God is doing amazing things in this season. He will use you in power if you are available. Do not be afraid of doing things differently than the past. God is working in new ways and He will take you in paths you did not expect. Sometimes this will cause others to question what you are doing, even condemn. But if it is the Lord that is leading you and empowering you, He will stand by you.

Condemnation has its own power in the world. It is a weapon of Satan for he is the accuser of the brethren. But the Lord has promised to defuse this weapon. No weapon against you will succeed in its purpose. It cannot break you. He has promised that the accuser and his accusations will fade away. Maybe those negative words are not just in your mind, maybe they are being verbalized through people who are supposed to be your brethren. Do not worry, the negative power that comes through these sentences have been neutralized in the heavenly realm. Do not allow them to influence your emotions.

Say the words of the servant above, ‘It is the Lord Yahweh who empowers me; who would condemn me?’ All accusation will eventually fade away. Moth-eaten clothes fall apart when you pick them up. They are fraying and cannot hold together. They are unusable. The purpose of all accusation from the enemy is psychological. It is to intimidate and discourage you so you will cease to carry on with the work you are doing. Refuse to cooperate with that. Refuse to be influenced. ‘Who would condemn me?’ They will ‘all fade away like worn-out, moth-eaten clothes.’

God bless you,

Sue Yassa

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